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Why video travel guides ?

our video travel guides

Our video travel guide websites has been set up to give you, the serious-minded traveller, a window on the world via a reliable web platform that you can consult about every aspect of the place to wish to visit. We are not just another online travel guide. We are a team of professionals, from directors and cameramen to presenters and scriptwriters, who create informative videos designed to familiarize the prospective traveller with anything he or she might need to experience. Each location is digested into easily accessible subjects just a couple of clicks away.

the power of travel video

No longer do you have to lug around heavy printed guidebooks that are probably out of date already. The video images that we provide reveal the basic features of your planned destination far better than any printed page. Never was the old adage, ‘One picture is worth a thousand words,’ any truer than now, in the video age. Your iPad or smartphone now is quite enough to download our top-quality, high-definition images and information. Our presenters will pop up on the screen and lead you into what you want to know, and perhaps more importantly, what you didn’t know – all at a touch of your finger.

familiarizing the traveller

Today’s travellers tend to be a demanding lot. We’re not just talking about tourists. Businesspeople and professionals generally want to know a bit more about the history and culture of the place they’re visiting besides the beaches and bars (though we feature plenty of those, too!). Well, forget those thick and heavy books. Just click over to our travel video guide websites and you’ll find a concise yet encyclopaedic coverage of where you are and where you want to go.

it's all here

Serious travellers, whether tourist or business, want to structure their time abroad as efficiently as possible. This is where our travel video sites come in. It’s structured information delivered in short, easily-digested segments, a guide to a rewarding experience in a foreign place. You won’t find cliches or hype or hard selling. You’ll find sober information on everything from the sandiest beach to the most important archaeological sites, local business hours and communications. Going somewhere? Check out our websites first.